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The assignment was to make an apartment for a thirty-year-old couple. The couple I came up with had a passion for culture, love festivals, and design and they have the dream to have children. 


A few different drawings were made to choose where the rooms should be and in which order.


After a few sketches, I came to a final design where the couple can have a flexible home where they can invite a lot of friends and the game room can turn into a baby room.  




A project about interior design,  this was a project to discover what my interests are. I found out that I am very interested in marker drawings. I am able to draw details in interiors with markers (third pictures). 


In the first and second pictures, you can see the research I have done for this assignment. The style Memphis is a  very chaotic style. I tried to organize the style a little bit. But I kept the colors the way they were because it defines the Memphis style.




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